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Adding New Menus

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Menu Management

Adding a new menu is quite simple. Start by heading to Dashboard → CMS → Menus.

On this screen, click the Add New button to perform this action.

Adding a Menu

Choose a name for your menu (it can be whatever you want). Choose the status for your menu; you can create different menus and enable or disable it when is needed. Finally, choose the position of your menu: Left Vertical, Right Vertical, Top Horizontal, Bottom Horizontal. When finished, click Save and Continue Edit.

Adding Links to the Menu

The menu will need to have some links in it. To add links to the menu Click on the Links Management option on the left.

In the Links Management view click on the Add Menu Link at the top of to start adding new links.

In the New Link form give the link a Label, URL KEY (without the domain name), Position if you would like to set the order that the link items appear manually and the Type of link.

Click Save above the form to save the changes.

Adding the menu to a page

Lastly the menu will need to be added to a page on the front end of the site. To do this head to CMS → Pages. Then browse or search for the page that you would like to add the menu to. Click on the row of the page to enter it's detailed view.

Select the Menus option from the lefthand menu and from the option labeled Select menu choose the menu that you would like to add to the page.

Click on one of the Save buttons at the top to save the changes.

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