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Video Tutorial

The video gives an overview of how to access and utilize the Customer Dashboard. To learn more about each tab, check below.

What is The Customer Dashboard

CreativeMinds's Customer Dashboard hosts a series of important features, such as

  • Downloading the latest versions of your products.
  • Fetching license keys.
  • Generating invoices.


When you access the Customer Dashboard, you will find the following tabs: 

TIP: What You Can Do on Each Tab

  1. Welcome - Provides handy links to the tutorial video and this document.
  2. Offers - Lists all the current promotions.
    Learn more: Applying a Discount Code
  3. Licenses - Lists the products you have purchased and their license keys.
    WordPress: Installing and Updating Plugins
    Magento 2: Doesn't require license keys
  4. Downloads - Lists the products you have purchased and the download link for the latest version.
    WordPress: How to Install and Update your CM WordPress Plugin
    Magento 2: How to Install a Magento 2 Extension
  5. Purchases - Lists all your purchases, with ID, the amount paid and date. You can generate an invoice for each.
    Learn more: Creating and Downloading an Invoice
  6. Subscriptions - If you have an active subscription (such as for the Learn more: 99+ WordPress package), it will be listed here.
  7. Helpdesk - Lists all active support tickets and has a handy shortcut for generating new tickets.
  8. Activation - Helps you activating your products in environments without internet connections, such as intranets. 
    Learn more: General Support - Local License Activation.
  9. Profile - Allows you to edit details such as your name, billing address and also reset the account password.

Accessing The Customer Dashboard

  • Access
  • Head to Account and then Customer Dashboard
  • If you still don't have an account, click Account Registration to create one.

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