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When Local License Activation is Needed 

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When the plugin has to be activated on a intranet site which is not connected to the external network, which doesn't have the access to the Internet, and cannot therefore communicate directly with the server and activate the license. 

In this case standard activation would be impossible, so we've developed an indirect solution to activate your license.

Notice - This process is not needed on any other use case where license activation is successful.

Step 1 - Installing the Local Activation Plugin

If you need to activate your plugin on a page which doesn't have a network access, write an e-mail to explaining your case, and requesting the plugin.

After you get the .zip file with the plugin, activate it and the new menu item labeled " CM License Local Activation" will appear in your Admin Dashboard.

Below: This is how the CM Local License Activation screen looks like. It will contain a section for each CM Plugin you have on your site.

Step 2 - Generating the KeyFile

For each of the CM plugins you have installed and activated on your site you need to follow these instructions of the plugin:

  • Insert the E-mail you've used for the purchase
  • Insert the License key
  • Push the "Get Keyfile" button

After doing that, your browser should automatically generate and download an encoded text file.

This file will be saved in your browsers' default Download location. If you can't find it please consult the browser's help.

Step 3 - Generating the UnlockFile

If you have successfully created the KeyFile, you can use it to generate the UnlockFile.

To do that, you need to go to, log in to your Customer Dashboard and go to the "Unlock" tab.

To generate the UnlockFile you need to:

  • Paste the UnlockFile on the in the input (see the screenshot below)
  • Click the Get UnlockFile button

Below: The UnlockFile generator on the User Dashboard with the instruction how to use it.

After doing that your browser will generate and download another, very similar file. 

Step 4 - Uploading the UnlockFile

After you've downloaded the UnlockFile, go back to the  CM License Local Activation.

After generating the KeyFile, the plugin will now show the option to upload the UnlockFile.

After uploading the file, and clicking on the " Activate License" button, if everything's fine, the plugin will become active.

Below: To activate the the plugin upload the file the same way as in the Step 3 and then click on the button.

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