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Applying a Discount Code

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We sometimes provide discount codes during sales or special events. 

This guide will explain how to add them manually and where to find them.

Note that discount codes may have limitations, such as a set expiration date or a minimum cart value. 
Also, discount codes cannot be applied to renewals. Learn more: General Support - How to Renew your License

Applying The Code Manually

When you are navigating a promotion, usually it will contain links that automatically add the relevant codes.

If, for some reason, you wish to manually apply codes, follow these steps:

Add the desired product(s) to the cart.
In the checkout page, click on the Enter a discount code button
Paste the code and click on the Apply button
If everything is ok, you should see the price change instantly

Animated guide

GIF shows how to insert coupons code and benefit from the End Summer Sale

Where Can I Find Discount Codes?

In order to not miss these opportunities, be sure to:

WordPress products can be found at  CreativeMinds WordPress Store

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