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Integration - CM Registration and Business Directory

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What is This Feature

If you have both CM Registration and Business Directory installed and activated, you can connect new users with specific businesses.

The user can choose the business when registering. Then, when the user is logged-in, they can see some of the company information.

Example of How It Works

  • "My Company" is one of the businesses in CMDB. It has description, founder name, and also a video.
  • The new user John Doe chooses "My Company" from the organization dropdown.
  • Now, John Doe's can see in his profile the description, founder name, and video from "My Company"

No Integration Vs. Integrated

After activating both plugins, the field will become a dropdown.

User View

Turning Feature On

There is only one setting. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to  CM Registration Pro → Settings → Registration → Registration section.

Then, enable "Allow user to add organization".


Now, apply the shortcode  [cmbd_business_summary]

It will show this data from the company associated with the current user:

If the current user is not associated with a business, nothing will be shown.

User Without Company vs User With Company

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