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Integration With CM Reviews

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What is This Feature


In order for the integration to work, both the Directory plugin and the Reviews plugin have to be activated!

All three CM Directory plugins (Business Directory, Expert Directory and Product Directory) can be integrated with the CM Reviews plugin.

This means you can add a fully-fledged reviews and ratings system to your directory pages, complete with a customizable Review Form. An example within a Business Directory page:

Difference / Interaction With CM Star Rating 

All Directory plugins come with the builtin CM Star Rating feature. It holds only star ratings, while the  CM Reviews plugin has reviews and the review form.

It is recommended that you turn the CM Star Rating off if you use the CM Reviews integration. This is because both review systems will overlap if turned on at the same time and each will have separate ratings.

To do so, head to  Admin Dashboard → CM Directory Pro → Settings → CM Star Rating Settings tab. There, choose "No" to all settings.

Turning The Integration On

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Directory Pro → Settings → CM Reviews Settings tab. 

There, mark Show the CM Reviews as "Yes".

Then, choose where the review content should appear:

  • Inside - Will appear at the bottom part of the directory page
  • Outside - Will appear below the directory page

Managing Reviews

Now that the integration is all set up, users will be able to add reviews and ratings to your Directory pages.

Then, the admin can manage these from each Directory page. When editing it, head down to find the metabox Manage Cm Reviews, as highlighted:

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