Sales Rep Magento 2 - How To - Create Commission Groups and Assign to Products

Creating Commission Groups and Assigning Them to Products

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Sales Rep allows you to add specific commissions to many products at once.

This is done with Product Commission Groups.

Creating Product Commission Group

Head to Stores → Sales Representative → Product Commission Groups.

In this screen, you are able to manage all existing Product Commission Groups.

Adding Product Commission Group

Click on Add New Commission Group.

The options are:

  • Is active - Turn it on or off
  • Name - Used for the the admin
  • Commission rate - The number is in percentage

Assigning Group to Products

Assigning Group to a Single Product

Edit a the product of your choice. While the extension is active, the commision fields will be shown.

Choose the group from the Commission Group dropdown.

Assigning Group to Multiple Products

Select multiple products and choose the action Update attributes.

You can modify the same dropdown - Commission Groups. This way, you will update all selected groups at once.

Commission Priority

There are three places where you can set commissions that will be applied to a product:

  1. Direct Product Commission - Editing the product

  2. Product Commission Group - Editing the product

  3. Sales rep Commission - Editing the sales rep


The actual commission will follow this priority:

Direct Product Commission > Product Commission Group > Sales rep Commission



  1. Direct Product Commission is empty
  2. Product Commission Group is 20%
  3. Sales rep Commission is 30%

The commission for that product will be 20%.

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