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MicroPayments Integrations

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CM MicroPayments can be integrated with many CM plugins. In all cases, this involves providing users a digital wallet and granting or charging them points to perform certain actions.

This article will provide an overview of such connections.


Features usually involve new settings or fields. These will only be available if all plugins involved are activated.


CM Answers

Forum users can receive or pay virtual money to post questions or answers. It's also possible to grant badges for users with certain amount of points.

Learn more: CM Answers + MicroPayments - Use Case - Letting Users Pay With Digital Wallet For Posting Questions


Grant or charge them points for:

  • Posting an update
  • Deleting an update
  • Adding the avatar
  • Changing a cover photo

Learn more: MicroPayments PeepSo Integration - Settings

CM Answers + PeepSo

Features of both CM Answers and PeepSo integrations

Learn more: CM Answers + MicroPayments PeepSo Integration

CM Downloads

Users can pay or receive points by uploading or downloading files.

For example, when a user comes to purchase a digital good on your stores - such as a music file or a software zip - they will be charged with points that in turn will be taken off their digital wallet. 

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Add-ons - Micropayments

CM Pay Per Post

In order to activate the subscription, users must first spend virtual points.

Once the user tries to activate the subscription the plugin check if he/she has enough "points" in his wallet. If not, the plugin will suggest to purchase points. 

Learn more: CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) - Payment Options - MicroPayments vs. EDD vs. WooCommerce

CM Video Lessons Manager

Charge users for watching certain lessons. You can set an unique price and subscription duration for each lesson.

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - CM Micropayment - MicroPayment Integration

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