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Add-On Settings

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Accessing the Settings

Go to Admin Panel, then choose PeepSo.

Click on the config tab.

Then choose CM MicroPayments.You will find the following options available:

General Settings

Show the shortcode allowing to buy points in the profile - This option requires you to setup the ability to buy points in CM Micropayment Platform Settings. You can follow the articles available in the MicroPayment documentation which explain how this is done. In general there are 3 available options. Use direct PayPal purchases, Use Easy Digital Downloads as you cart system for buying virtual currency or use WooCommerce. Once this option is enabled user will be able to add virtual currently to his wallet by buying it using real money.

Show the number of points near the profile name? - Once enabled the number of points or virtual currency will be shown near the username in the profile page. 

Show the number of points in the PeepSo Profile Widget? - Once enabled the number of points or virtual currency will be shown near the username in the profile widget. 

Show the link to the Wallet tab in the PeepSo Profile Widget? - Once enabled the link to the wallet tab in the user profile will be shown  in the profile widget. 

Labels Settings

Let you control the labels which are shown in the user profile and widget.

Points for Actions

Let you define what actions done using PeepSo will do to your wallet balance (add or subtract virtual currency).

More information about the CM MicroPayments PeepSo AddOn

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