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MicroPayment Integration

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CM MicroPayment Plugin can add a payment and subscription option to each lessons in CM Video Lessons Manager. 


To make this happen you need to follow the following steps.

1) Install the CM MicroPayment Plugin.

2) Define the  CM MicroPayment Plugin virtual currency labels.

3) Define the  CM MicroPayment wallet page (General tab) (if EDD integration is used it will automatically use EDD pages instead).

3.1) If Easy Digital Downloads is installed and integrated with CM MicroPayment Plugin this section will be automatically hidden by EDD integration.

4) Define the MicroPayment labels in CM Video Lessons Manager.

5) Per the specific lesson you want to add subscription/payments option to, edit the lesson and using the MicroPayment metabox add the subscription period.

6) Make sure to provide the users with a place to purchase the currency they need in order to pay for the subscription. The user must first load his wallet with the needed points and once he does, he can access the lesson while subtracting the points from his wallet. Paying for points can be done using EDD (if integrated) or directly from the CM MicroPayment with the PayPal payment gateway.

If wallet does not have enough points the following message will be shown (this message is editable in the plugin labels settings).

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