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Restricting Custom Post Types

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In Pay Per Post, you can restrict any post type, even the ones managed by other plugins. This means that you can restrict content from other plugins if it uses said post types.

We Can't Guarantee Compatibility

Note that is a general rule. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all third-party plugins, as that involves code we don't control.

The technical requirements are:

  • Plugin must register post_types - To show the post type in Pay Per Post's settings
  • Plugin's custom type must be editable from the Back-End - To enable the subscription metabox
  • Plugin must use the "the_content" filter on the Front-End - Only this content will be restricted

Choosing Post Types to Restrict

Head to WP-Admin → CM Pay Per Post → Settings page under the General tab → Post types section.

Choose which post types to support. 

This list fetches all post_types. If you can't find one related to a plugin, it means the plugin doesn't register its content as post_types.

Restricting Content

Now edit the content from that post type and you will see the metabox from the Pay Per Post plugin.

Learn more: How To - Assign a Post to a Price/Subscription (Video)


1. CM Answers + MicroPayments

Users have to login and pay virtual points to have access to a forum question created with CM Answers

2. CM Tooltip + EDD

Users have to pay to access the whole term page of a term managed by the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin.

Term Page is Restricted

Tooltip and Index Page are not Restricted

Note that both the term's tooltip and index page placement are not affected. 

Tooltip still shows content:

Term in index page still shows content:

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