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Send Codes to Multiple Emails at Once

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Quick Read

  1. Prepare a CSV file with codes and the notification_email column. Recommended to split files into 100 rows or less
  2. Import the CSV file. The emails will be sent automatically


It's possible to send codes to multiple emails at once by importing a CSV file that specifies the email to which each code will be sent.

Step by Step

Step 1) Prepare CSV File and Add Emails

TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

Edit a CSV file (we recommend a spreadsheet software such as Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadsheets).

Each row is a code. Note the column "notification_email".

Complete table


Populate the file with the relevant emails on each column so each code will have an email recipient.

If the notification_email of a certain code is empty, that code will not be sent during import!

Should I Fill The Other fields?

Some other fields are essential (remember to use the template file to help you).

Don't forget to fill sharing_type and depending on it, allow_url, allow_ids, sharing_type, sharing_file. Otherwise, the users will receive a code that doesn't work.

For the other CSV fields, the plugin "autocompletes" the empty ones based on the default settings. Learn more: Creating Codes - From CSV File

Will This Process Duplicate Codes?

This process can generate new codes (which is usually recommended). To ensure that's the case, leave the code column empty. When it's empty the plugin will generate a new code and send it to the email.

In the example above:

  • If the code 1AB2 already exists, a duplicate one will be generated and sent to If it doesn't, the new code 1AB2 will be generated and sent to the user
  • will receive a new random code

Step 2) Import the file

With the single or multiple CSV files ready, proceed to import them. 

Plugin Sends Emails Automatically; Check Number of Codes

Note that the emails will be sent as soon as the plugin imports the file!

Before you proceed, check the number of codes you will import. Too many codes might overload your server and cause errors.

If you have more than 100 codes, we recommend splitting the table so that each file carries a maximum of 100 entries. 

We also recommend trying files with few codes at first to get familiar with the process.

Head again to  Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Invitation codes.

Upload the CSV file.

And then click the import button.

Learn more about this screen: Creating Codes - From CSV File

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