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These applies to all issues:

  • The WordPress Telegram Bot plugin will only work in sites with installed SLL certificates (HTTPS).
  • You cannot use the same access token (bot API) on different sites (including production and development sites and also mirrored sites) If used the bot will stop working and you will need to revoke the key and regenerate it.
  • The bot may not perform properly with supergroups.


This article covers some possible issues with the WordPress Telegram Bot and tips on how to solve them.

General Troubleshooting Steps

These procedures should help solve most issues.

1) Check Log

Access the log via WP Admin → CM Telegram Bot → Log.

The log should show messages even if no rule is set, as it monitors all messages from the groups the bot is in. 


  • The log shows several rules and OK messages - Everything is working as intended
  • The log shows some error messages - Pinpoint which rule is involved and try reworking that rule

    Example of the action status - Telegram Group Bot Manager
    Example of the action status
  • The log shows no message at all - The log should show messages even if no rule is set. If messages were sent and the log is empty, it means the bot and the plugin are not properly connected.

Learn more: WordPress Telegram Bot - Log (Checking Performed Rules)

2) Restart/Revoke the Access Token

Talk to @BotFather, use the /mybots command, choose "API Token" and then "Revoke Current Token". Then, update it in the plugin settings. This is needed when the bot stopped responding for some reason or the same API key was used in more than one site which is forbidden by Telegram API,

Revoking the API Token - Telegram Bot Plugin for WordPress
Revoking the API Token

Learn more: Bots: An introduction for developers

Specific Questions

These scenarios are more specific. We give suggestions on how to handle them.

I don't know my bot access token or I want to renew it


  • Talk to @BotFather, use the /mybots command and choose "API Token". You can then choose "Revoke Current Token" if necessary.

Learn more: 

My Rule is Not Working!


  • Make sure your rule is not paused
  • Make sure your stop words are not preventing the rule to happen. When in doubt, remove stop words and test. Learn more about stop words.
  • Reset your access token API key

The bot doesn't answer to /getgroupID or /getinfo


  • Ensure the Bot is in the group and as an admin
  • Try adding a new access token (revoke existing API key and create a new one then replace in plugin settings)
  • If you edited the bot with @BotFather, make sure to restore it to the default settings

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