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If you navigate to  Sales Recovery → Notifications, you will find a list of all previously created notifications.

Click on the Add New button to create a new notification.

For the notification template, you can define:

  • Template - which template will be used in the notification
  • Send after – amount of time to be waited after the cart was abandoned before sending notification
  • Email Title – this is title of the email sent to the user
  • Sender Name – name of the sender – by default, Magento store configuration is taken
  • Sender Email – email of the sender – by default, Magento store configuration is taken
  • Discount – You can create a coupon which will be displayed in the template (You need to use {coupon_code} shortcode)
  • How long the coupon will be enabled - period of time in which the above coupon remains valid

You can also test how the template will look like. After saving the template, go again to the newly created template and in the buttons section, there will be a new button:  Send test notification. A notification will be sent to the notification sender email.

Sent Notifications

You can also check to whom the notification was sent, by navigating to Sales Recovery → Sent Notifications

Here you have a list of all notifications sent. In the grid, you can also see the link generated for the customer to recover his cart. 

You can also see basic receiver data and information about orders placed by customers.

If the customer returned to his cart and placed an order for this quote, the information in column  Placed Order will be marked as "Yes".

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