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Approved Orders

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Give the sub-users possibility to save the approved orders, and complete them in the future. After the parent account approves the sub-account order, the sub-account can view and restore their previous approved orders in a separate section. 

After the parent account approves the sub-account cart, the user can find the order in the following section  My Account → Approved Orders.  

The following options are available:

  • Email - Shows the sub-user email address. 
  • Name - Shows the user name.
  • Items Qty - Displays the number of items per order. 
  • Grand Total - Calculates the total of each order.
  • Status - Shows if the order is approved and the sub-account can place the order. Once the order is complete, it will be available in the section My Order. 

Show Items

The section allows you to display items in each order. Click on the link, and you will see all the details about the ordered items including product details, their price, quantities and subtotal. 

Create Order

The user can also create an order after the parent account approves it by clicking on the link Create Order next to a necessary order. After this, the user will go through the same checkout steps and pay for the order. 

After the admin confirms the order in the Backend, the completed order will appear in the My Orders section in the sub-account. 

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