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The list with all the existing courses is available by this path: Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Dashboard.

Head to the tab COURSES. The admin can view the courses on the grid, edit or open them in a separate page on the Frontend. 


The add-on allows applying the search filter by entering the course title into the field Enter course name. Just start typing, and the relevant results will be displayed.

Numbers of Courses/Participants

You can find the total number of courses, participants, sold tickets and purchases above the grid. There is also the statistics for each course: the sum of currently sold tickets, total sum of purchases, amount of periods per course, the number of participants, sold tickets and purchases.

Edit/View Courses

The Course Dashboard provides you the grid where you can open the course for editing or view it on the Frontend.

Add students to courses

To open the course for editing on the Dashboard, please click on the course and the additional fields will appear. Here you can view all the students contact information, their payments and way of registration and amount of purchases tickets separated by types.

You can also add existing users on your website to the course. Click on the "+"-icon and the popup will appear. After filling in the fields, click ADD and the participant will be registered to the course.

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