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Navigating the Dashboard

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Navigating The Dashboard | Courses Tab | Students Tab | Registrations Tab | Waiting List Tab

Note: The plugin CM Course Catalog has different set of options depending on the plugin edition: Essential / Ultimate Editions or Enterprise Edition. The appearance of a dashboard can have some differences.


Once you install the base CM Course Catalog Pro plugin and the Course Catalog Dashboard add-on, the catalog page dashboard appears automatically in a separate section in the Backend. This article will help you navigate it.

Accessing the Dashboard

Head to WP Admin → CM Course Catalog Pro → Dashboard.

Navigating The Dashboard

The student dashboard spans a series of tabs. Clicking a tab will update the content below.

TIP: Searching

On the top right, there's a search bar. it will also update depending on the tab you are in so you can always search for relevant information.

Essential / Ultimate Editions:

Enterprise Edition:

TIP: Sorting

Click on a column header to sort the data. You can sort all tables.

1) Courses Tab

Learn everything you can do with the Course Tab: Courses Tab in-depth guide

This tab lists:

  • Course - Handy shortcuts to edit and access the course page
  • Purchases - Number of purchases plus total amount paid
  • Periods - Number of available periods
  • Participants - Total number of participants across all periods

Click on a course to see information about each period and manually add students.

2) Students/Participants Tab

Learn everything you can do with the Students Tab: Students Tab in-depth guide

Lists students, whether they are registered or not to a course.

  • Name - The registered name of the student.
    Click +Course to manually enroll that student into a course
  • Email - That user's email
  • Courses - How many courses the student has ever been registered to (includes ongoing and complete courses)
  • Amount paid - Across all courses

Click on a student to see information:

3) Registrations Tab

Learn everything you can do with the Registrations Tab: Registration Tab in-depth guide

This tab has more advanced filtering options: by date, operation and course.

Lists each registration, even if done by the same student.

  • Date - When the registration was made
  • Name - Click to head to the participants tab
  • Email - Click to send an email to that student
  • Course - Click to head to the courses tab
  • Code - Code of the course
  • Amount - Amount paid
  • Registered By - Either by the student or manually by the admin
  • Payment Method - Either Online or Manual
  • Operation - Either Registered or Deleted
  • Purchase Info - Shows relevant information

4) Waiting List

Separate Add-on

This tab only works if the Waiting List add-on is installed.

Learn everything you can do with the Waiting List Tab: Waiting List in-depth guide

The list provides the following columns:

  • Date - When the user leaves the request on the waiting list
  • Name - Shows the user name
  • Email - Displays the user email
  • Course Name - Shows the course name the user sent the request to
  • Phone Number - Displays the user's contact phone number
  • Admin Note - This column is for additional admin notes
  • Registered - Shows if the user is already registered to the course or not
  • Action - Removes the chosen request

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