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Note: The plugin CM Course Catalog has different set of options depending on the plugin edition: Essential / Ultimate Editions or Enterprise Edition. The appearance of a dashboard can have some differences.


The list with all the user registrations is available following Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Dashboard.

Under the REGISTRATIONS tab you can track all the students registered to any courses.

Essential / Ultimate Editions

Enterprise Edition:

Filter and Export Registrations

The add-on allows you to filter and export student registrations. The options of the filter bar are:

  • Date from and Date to - Choose the period of time that you want to get the results for.
  • Operations - Choose the type of operations for filtering. The options are:
    • All
    • Registered
    • Deleted
    • Restored
  • Course - Choose the course which registrations you want to see.
  • Filter - Click this button to apply chosen filters and display the results in the table.
  • Export to CSV - Click this button to download CSV-file with registrations that match to the chosen filters. Note: this option is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

Registrations Grid

The table provides the following columns:

  • Date - Shows the date when the user registered for the course.
  • Name - Displays user name.
  • Email - Shows user email.
  • Course - Shows the course the user registered for.
  • Code - Shows the periods the user registered for.
  • Amount - Displays the amount the user paid for the chosen course.
  • Registered By - Shows who registered the user.
  • Payment ID - The ID of the EDD payment. Note: this column is available in the Enterprise Edition only.
  • Payment Method - Displays the payment method that user selected.
  • Operation - Shows if the user is registered to the course or not.
  • # Of Tickets - The amount of course tickets the user purchased. Note: this column is available in the Enterprise Edition only.
  • Purchase Info - Detailed purchase information about courses.

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