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The first thing to do after completing the installation is to set up the extension.

Log in as Admin and go to System → Configuration → Customers → Sub Account Configuration.

General Options

Enable - Turns the Functionality of the extension On or Off.

Groups of Customer able to Manage Sub Users - Sets which of your "Customer Groups" are able to manage sub users. Hold CTRL on Windows or CMD on Mac to select multiple.

Send order/invoice/shipment mails to - Determines whether order invoice and shipment emails go to the Master account, the Sub User account or else to both.

Create New Sub-Account Options

Require Emails Confirmation - Toggles whether or not email confirmation is necessary for a new Sub user account to be created.

Split Session

These settings deal with cart sharing. To learn more about this feature, check the guide Multi User - Split Session.

Extra Sub Accounts (Multiple master Sub-account Addon)

Admin can assign sub account to multiple master accounts. It can support a sales rep that works for different account owners or move sub account from one master account to the other. This means that the same sub-account can belong to two master accounts.

Finally, remember to SAVE your settings!

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