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Split Session

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How it works

Sub-Users can have either individual or shared carts. Split Session is the name given for when the sharing option is enabled.

Note: when Sub-User accounts are first added, they also create new customers automatically. Cart sharing is the only change in these new accounts: all other functionality, such as notification emails, order data, etc, remains the same. 

If you delete a Sub-User, our extension will automatically delete the connected customer.

Enabling Split Session

To enable Split Session, set 'Sub-Accounts have individual carts' to "No" in System → Configuration → Customers → Sub Account Configuration → Split Session, as shown:

This, in turn, will reveal the options for Split Session:

Available Options

Allow Sub-Accounts to Transfer Carts

When enabled, Sub-Accounts are not allowed to create Orders. The sub-users will able to send their cart to any sibling Sub-Account with at least "Order Creation" permission who does not require order approvals. 

Share Address Books

When enabled, sub accounts will have different carts but use addresses assigned to parent. You can set the sharing range in the following option, that becomes available after enabling shared address books:

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