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Administrator Control of Accounts

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The admin has the ability to create, preview and edit sub-accounts of any customer.

To access sub-accounts as an admin, log in as admin and navigate to Customers → Manage Customers

On the " Manage Customers" page Master Users and Sub Users are distinguished by the "Parent Customer" column. Master Users will have no Parent Customer and will only display a dash in this column. Sub Users will display the name of their Master User here. Clicking on this Master User name in a Sub User's row will bring you to the edit page for the Master User.

Viewing Sub accounts of a Master User

To view the Sub Accounts of a Master User, either click on the row of a Master User or click on the name of a Master User in the " Parent Customer" row of a Sub User.

On the details page select the " Sub Account" link from the left menu bar. You will see a list of all sub-accounts created by a selected customer.

Editing Sub User details

Clicking on a Sub User's row will bring up the Edit page for the selected Sub User. Here the Name, email Permission settings, Frontend view, notification email settings, and Password can all be changed for a given Sub User. Before leaving the Edit page, remember to Save.

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