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Charging Users to Access Post (MicroPayments Integration)

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What is This Feature

Version 2.1.1 introduced the option to charge users in a virtual currency for accessing posts. If a post is free, the user still can donate. In both cases, the points go directly to the author's digital wallet. 

This is done via integration with the MicroPayments plugin and Pay Per Post plugin and the set up is simple.


These must be installed and active:

How it Works

When Creating an Article

If you have these requirements met, the post publishing form will receive a new field:

Amount of points - On the left side, you can choose between "Free" and "Points". On the right side, you can choose the amount of points that have to paid to grant access to this article.

When Accessing an Article

Article is paid - The users will see the following a pay box indicating they have to pay to see the article:


Article is free - The users will see a pay box with the option to donate points to the author:



To enable this feature, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Pay Per Post → Settings → Pricing tab.

Here, you will see the CM Micropayments Points submenu. There are two options:

  • Allow authors to charge for access - Set "Yes" to allow authors to charge for their content. 
  • Enable donate points - If "No" is set, users won't be able to donate. This feature will only work if the above option is enabled.


It's possible to change the Front-End labels related to this integration. Learn more.

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