CM Registration (CMREG) - How To - Edit the Profile Fields (Back-End and Front-End)

Editing The Users' Profile Fields 

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There are two main methods to edit the users' profile fields within CM Registration.

1) From the Back-End

Head to Admin Dashboard → Users → All Users and select the relevant user. 

While your mouse is hovering the area, you will see the option "Edit profile fields". 

Click on it and you will reach the page where you can edit all profile fields for that user.

Click Save to update the profile.

Note that this the same section where you can export the extra fields to a CSV file. Learn more.

2) From the Front-End - Shortcodes

The plugin supports the option to edit user profiles using a shortcode.

The shortcode also supports all custom fields added using the CM Registration plugin custom fields option.

To use this you can place the following shortcode [cmreg-edit-profile] on any page or post. This will only appear once the user is logged in.

The output will look like the following: 

This shortcode also supports the requirement of many administrators to prevent user access to the dashboard.

More information about the CM Registration and Invitation Codes Bar WordPress  Plugin

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