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Exporting Data With WordPress Registration Form Plugin

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This guide will explain how the data export functionalities work in WordPress Registration Form Plugin

The plugin is able to generate CSV (comma-separated value) files with relevant data. CSV files can be opened as a table by spreadsheet editors such as Excel and Numbers. 

List of Invitation Codes

To generate a list of all your current invitation codes, simply head to Admin Dashboard → CM Registration Pro → Invitation Codes. Then, click the Export All Codes button, as highlighted.

Exporting all codes - WordPress Plugin User Registration
Exporting all codes

Result: The CSV file will include a single column, with one code per row. Sample:

CSV example - User Registration WordPress
CSV example

Exporting Used Codes

You can export only the user codes that were used. This option includes all information about the usage.

Click Export All Registered Users Codes.

Exporting all registered users codes - WordPress Login Plugin
Exporting all registered users codes

It generates a CSV with one row for each code used, including the columns Invitation Code, User Id, User Email, Display Name, and User Role.

CSV example - WordPress Custom Login Form
CSV example

User Profile Fields

What Data is Exported

The CSV file will contain only basic user information and data from custom fields. That includes:

  • User ID.
  • Login.
  • Email.
  • Display name.
  • Any created custom field(s)

Each custom field will become a column. The text of headers will be imported from the User Meta Key value. The value will be imported from the response each user provided to that field.

To learn more about custom fields, please check the main guide: Custom Fields - Adding Custom Fields.

Example of Exported CSV File

Example of exported CSV file - WordPress Custom Login
Example of exported CSV file

a) How to Export All User Profile Fields

Below the form creation area there is a section titled CSV data file.

Exporting user profile fields data to CSV - WordPress Social Sign In Plugin
Exporting user profile fields data to CSV

Clicking on the Download CSV button will initiate the download.

b) Exporting The Custom Fields of a Certain User

It's also possible to export the custom fields of a particular user. To do this, head to Admin DashboardUsersAll Users. Then, hover the mouse over the relevant user and the option Extra fields to CSV will be available.

Next to this option, you will also find Edit profile fields, where you can edit the profile field of selected users.

Editing user data and exporting it to CSV - Social Login WordPress
Editing user data and exporting it to CSV

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