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Updating a Business Page

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This guide shows how a user can update a business page that has already been suggested and approved. Note that the admin can always edit any business from the Back-End.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Allowing Users to Update Business Listings
  3. Admin View - Identifying the Owner And Sending Passwords
  4. User View
    1. Logged-in User View - Editing a Business
    2. Anonymous User View - Editing a Business


The plugin allows users to edit businesses they have suggested or claimed. 

Note that:

  • A user can only edit businesses that he/she suggested.
  • Users must must be logged in to edit their businesses.
  • The plugin generates credentials for anonymous users so they don't have to create a WordPress account. Read more.

The image below shows an example with two listings, being that only one can be edited.

Allowing Users to Update Business Listings

Community Form

First of all, the Community Form has to be properly configured. The Community add-on automatically creates a page dedicated to the Community Form when it's activated and you can customize the location of the form by using shortcodes. Read the specific documentation to learn more.


To allow users to edit their Business, go to Settings/Community Business, scroll down to Business Claim Settings section and enable displaying form on Business Page.

With this option turned on, users will be able to log in on the business page.

Admin View - Identifying the Owner And Sending Passwords

The admin can verify the owner of a listing in the edit business page. To enable this, turn on the option "Recovery management" in the  Community Business tab.

Now you will see a meta-box called "CM Business Directory Community Custom Fields" when editing a business.

In it, the admin can assign the business to an email. 

If an email address is already set, the admin can view the login and password and also send these credentials to the user, as highlighted.

To learn more about, check the specific guide Password Recovery.

Logged-in User View - Editing a Business

In order to edit a business, the user must first be logged in to WordPress. He will then have access to the edit form and to the user dashboard.

User Dashboard

The admin can implement the user dashboard by adding the shortcode  [cmbdc_dashboard]  to any page. In it, the user will be able to manage his business.

Example of the user dashboard for a logged in and a guest user:

Learn more about shortcodes in the specific guide CM Business Directory Community (CMBDC) - Shortcodes.

Editing a Business

Editing a business is much like creating one - change the values of fields you want to edit and click on Suggest a Business button to apply changes.

Lear more in the specific guide.

Anonymous User View - Editing a Business

Anonymous users also can edit businesses they suggested, even without having a WordPress account. The only requirement is that the email address they provide matches that of the business' owner.

To edit a business, the anonymous user should access its page.

There, he/she will find two relevant options: 

  • Login and Edit - By inputing the credentials, the user will be able to edit the business.
  • Recover login and password - If the input email and the owner email match, the user will receive the Password Recovery message.

    Learn more in the specific guide Password Recovery.

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