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Password Recovery

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CM Business Directory Community allows the admin to send login credentials (login and password) to businesses' owners.

Enabling Password Recovery

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory Pro → Settings.

Click on the Community Business tab.

Scroll down to  Business Recovery Settings.

Check the box to enable the business login and password to be recovered. Update settings. Once checked user will be able to recover their password by going to their business page and clicking on the password recovery link. 

User - Asking For Login Credentials

To recover password for editing a business the user should open a Business Page of the business he/she wants to edit and then click on the Recover login and password Show/hide to open recovery form. Then, enter his email and click Recover.

After this, the user will receive an e-mail with login and password which he can use to login to Community form.

Admin - Sending Credentials

The admin also has the ability to send users his/her login data.

Start editing the Business Page and scroll down to the CM Business Directory Community Custom Fields box. Click there Send login and password.

After this user also will receive an email with his login and password.

TIP: Edit Front-end Labels

You can edit or translate front-end labels according your needs. Learn more about it in this guide: CM Business Directory Community (CMBDC) - Editing Form (Showing/Hiding Fields, Marking as Mandatory, Translating)

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