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User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

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This article lists data the CM Business Directory Community handles and the tools the admin can use to ensure users have control over their data. The subject is closely tied with the GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation). 

Note that the plugin provides the admin with tools to enforce and communicate the regulation, and that it's his/her responsibility to adopt them.

This article covers this plugin only. For a general view, please refer to the guide General Support - GDPR And Data Privacy

Data the admin can collect that can be considered personal information

  • Username - Will be deleted if the account is deleted.
  • Email - Will be deleted if the account is deleted.
  • Businesses - The content is controlled by the users. The admin can choose to moderate it or not.
    Compliance tools:

General Compliance Tools 

  • Business Removal - The user can delete all of his/her businesses in the User Dashboard.
    Learn more:  Shortcodes.
  • Terms of Service - The admin can require users to accept the TOS before suggesting businesses.
    Learn more: Settings

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