CM Answers Experts (CMA) - What Are Experts And How To Add Them

What Are Experts And How To Add Them

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An expert is a user that can answer questions of certain categories.

The admin can assign any user registered to the WordPress website to be an expert. This is done by simply adding or editing a category and checking the "Select experts" field.

There, you can find users by username and add them.

If a category contains more than one expert, all experts assigned to this category will be able to view this question in the questions folder. The first to accept it will be able to communicate with the user. 

Expert Permissions

The admin can opt to allow experts to choose their categories and to create new categories.

This can changed in the path Admin Panel → CM Answers Pro → Settings → Experts Addon → General tab.

User Management

When the plugin is activated, the new field "Expert in categories" will show up on every user's WordPress profile.

There it's possible to check if the user has any expert assigned to him/her.

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