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User Dashboard

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User dashboard is a front-end page with the [cmaexp-dashboard] shortcode which shows the user's tools for users that aren't experts or administrators.

To see user Dashboard navigate to CM Experts Dashboard page or place shortcode [cmaexp-dashboard] on any page to create one.

User Profile

User can upload his profile and update his profile details including uploading a photo and attaching a file with bio.

User Questions

User can view all his posted questions and answers received for this questions from the expert or public.

If question was accepted by expert he can check for the expert profile once clicking on the "Accepted" label.

Posting new Questions to Experts

User can post questions to the public so all the forum users will be able to view them or directly select a specific category to which he wants to send this question.

If a category contains more than one expert, all experts assigned to this category will be able to view this question in their questions folder. The first to accept it will be able to communicate with the user.

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