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Admin Dashboard

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Admin dashboard is a front-end page with the [cmaexp-dashboard] shortcode which shows the administrator's tools for users that have role Administrator and aren't experts.

First, to open CM Answers plugin pages navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Answers Pro -> Settings.

On the top of tabs you will see three links:

  1. Link to questions frontend list
  2. Link to questions frontend list (AJAX)
  3. Experts Dashboard page

Click on the link to open the page. You also can navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> Pages and there choose page you want to see.

Navigate to Questions front-end list page. On this page admin can:

  • Assign question to a specific expert
  • Change questions category
  • Make question public (if question is for experts only)
  • If expert accepts question, admin can remove expert from this question, make it public or assign to another expert

System Statistics

Admin can view system statistics from his dashboard.

This includes viewing the list of all experts, the number of questions assigned to them, the number of answers answered by them as well as a global system view summarizing all questions and answers in the system. 

How to add an Expert User

An expert is a user already defined in your WP site with regular subscriber role and credentials which the admin has assigned to a CMA category as an expert. 

If a category contains more than one expert, all experts assigned to this category will be able to view this question in thier questions folder. The first to accept it will be able to communicate with the user. 

Changing dashboard permalink

Admin can change dashboard's permalink by navigating to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Answers Pro -> Settings. In the Click on the General tab and change permalink in the Answer permalink field. Save changes and refresh page. Links on the top of tabs will change.

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