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Expert Dashboard (Expert View)

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The Expert Dashboard is a Front-End page that shows settings and statistics related to experts. Its contents will change depending on who accesses it:

Accessing The Expert Dashboard

To see Expert Dashboard, navigate to CM Experts Dashboard page or place shortcode [cmaexp-dashboard] on any page to create one.

Another way to open this page is to navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Settings.

On the top of tabs you will see three links:

  1. Link to questions Front-End list
  2. Link to questions Front-End list (AJAX)
  3. Experts Dashboard page

Click on the Expert Dashboard page link to open the page.

The Expert Dashboard

When accessed by experts, the dashboard is organized in these three tabs:

1) Questions to me

Here you can accept manage questions that were assigned to them and then write answers.

Expert can also: 

  • Assign questions to other experts.
  • Remove questions from his/her questions list.
  • Change the question category in case it was mistakenly placed into a wrong category.
  • Turn question to public (so it will be viewable by all users) or private.
Answering Questions

Once a question is accepted by the expert it will show a green label with a notice

Experts can then post an answer and start communicating with the person who posted the question with follow up replies.

2) Categories and Experts

This tab shows an overview of categories, number of questions and answers, activity and assigned experts.

3) Edit Expert Profile

On this tab expert can edit his profile: add photo, edit description or add contact information.

Dashboard Settings

You can access the settings by following the path  Admin Panel → Settings → Experts Addon → Dashboard.

There, you can modify the color of the dashboard's elements.

Changing The Dashboard Permalink

Admin can change dashboard's permalink by navigating to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Settings. There, click on the General tab and change permalink in the Answer permalink field. Save changes and refresh the page. 

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