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Creating Your First Quiz

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The WordPress Quiz Plugin is structured in Quizzes that contain Questions.

To create a new Quiz or edit your current ones, head to the Admin Dashboard (1) → CM Quiz Manager Pro (2) → Quizzes (3). You will see the screen below, where you can create and manage quizzes. Below, we'll explain each field.

Form for creating new quizzes - WordPress Exam Plugin With Timer
Form for creating new quizzes
  • Name - This field is used to identify the quiz both in the Back-End and in the Front-End.
  • Slug - If this field is left blank, the plugin will generate a readable slug automatically. Can be used inside shortcodes to display quizzes.
  • Parent Quizzes - You can make this quiz a "child" of another quiz. Useful for organization, as you can display all the questions related to a quiz (learn more).

    Quizzes hierarchy example - Quiz Plugin WordPress
    Quizzes hierarchy example
  • Description - This field may display on the Front-End, depending on your theme.
  • Correct answers percent to pass the quiz - The numbers represent the percentage of questions that must be correct to be considered a success. For instance, if the quiz has 10 questions and this value is 60, that means the viewer has to score at least 6 to pass. (because 60% percent of 10 is 6).
  • Max number of attempts to pass the quiz - After the user tries to solve the quiz this many times, he/she will not be able to see the quiz anymore.

    Leaving a "0" means users can try the quiz infinite times.

  • Questions number in the quiz - Choose how many questions the quiz will display. If the quiz holds more questions that this value, they will be showed randomly. Leaving a "0" means all questions assigned to this quiz will be available.
  • Quiz timer - Select the time allotted for completing the quiz. Time format: HH:MM. To disable the timer, set 00:00. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.1.5.

    How It Looks Like On the Front-End

    The user is able to see how much time is left on the Front-end:

    Displaying timer in the quiz - Questionnaire Plugin WordPress
    Displaying timer in the quiz

    When the timer stops, the user is not able to scroll or click anything in the quiz. A pop-up window appears with a message and a button Continue that user have to click to finish the quiz and see the result.

    Example of the message after time has expired - WordPress Test Plugin
    Example of the message after time has expired

Finally, click the Add New Quiz button (4) to save the quiz. It will then appear in the Quiz List highlighted below:

Example of the table with created quizzes - Create Quiz WordPress
Example of the table with created quizzes

Next Steps

Great, you've created your first quiz! It's time to assign questions to it, include it on a page and check the score of your users.

Check the User Guide article list for more information.

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