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Checking the Progress Report of Your Users

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To check the scores of your users, head to  Admin Dashboard → CM Quiz Manager Pro → Progress Report.

In this screen, you are able to display the scores in a multitude of ways.

TIP 1: Summary Shortcut:

In the Progress column, for each entry there's a link to see the summary of attempts and results.

TIP2: Choose Score Shown (Avg, Max, Min):

You can change the type of score shown (average, max or minimum) in the General Settings ( Learn more).


Apply filters to narrow down your search.

From the top bar you can:

  • Group by user or quiz
  • Filter by quiz
  • Filter by user
  • Filter by result

Additionally, there's a dedicated column to help filtering by the relevant item:

Exporting and Deleting

In the same screen you can download all scores as a CSV file or delete them all

Example of exported data:

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