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Adding a Question and Assigning it to a Quiz

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In  Quiz Manager, you create quizzes and questions. You can then assign a question to one or more quizzes.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a question such as this inside a quiz:

Managing Questions

To see the list questions, follow the path  Admin Dashboard → CM Quiz Manager Pro → Questions.

In this page, you will find all your questions and useful information about them. Relevant areas are highlighted:

  1. Question - By clicking the question's title, you can edit it. By hovering the mouse near it, you can also quick edit its name or quickly delete it.
  2. Information Panel - The table lists the questions and their Titles, Authors, Assigned Quizzes, Publishing Date and Question Priority inside the quiz.
    1. Note on Assigned Quizzes - It's possible to assign a question to multiple quizzes, as shown 
    2. Note on Priority - This value helps defining the order of the questions inside a quiz. Questions with a lower value will be shown on top. 
  3. Add Question button - Directs you to the New Question page.

Adding a Question

To create a question and assign it directly to a quiz, go to the list of questions of a quiz:

and click the Add Question button.

Create/Edit Question Page

You will reach the Create/Edit Question page. It works just the same as when editing a post. Below, we highlight some areas.

  1. The title represents the question.
  2. The description will be displayed following the question. It can contain rich formatting, such as images and links.
  3. Manage answers in the Answers panel. Every question needs at least one answer. Trying to Publish or Update a question that has no answer set will result in an error message.

    It's possible to choose many right answers - all of them will have to be selected in order to answer the question correctly. 
  4. You can add an Answer Explanation that can contain text and image. It will be displayed in the results table to give the user more information about the correct answer. The field also accepts HTML. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.2.0.
  5. Shortcut to the list of questions of the main quiz.
  6. Define the question's priority. The way how the questions will be ordered in the quiz on the front-end depends on this value.
  7. Assign this question to quizzes. 
  8. Shortcut to edit the assigned quizzes.

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