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Placing Quizzes on Post or Pages

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Quiz Manager allows you to place quizzes on posts or pages by using shortcodes.

This guide will walk through the process from start to finish. If you would like to learn more about the shortcodes, check the specific guide (Quiz Manager - Shortcodes)


To display a quiz on a page, we use the shortcode [cm_quiz id="xxx"] on a post or page.

The id parameter accepts either the quiz slug or its id. That means that you should substitute the "xxx" in the shortcode with one of these two values.

Finding the Slug / id

Let's take this quiz as an example:

The slug is easily identifiable: "general-knowledge". That means the proper shortcode to display it will be [cm_quiz id="general-knowledge"]

As an alternative, let's find the id. You can verify it by editing the quiz and checking the URL. It should include a section" taxonomy=cmquizm_quiz&tag_ID=111&". 

Note the " ID=111": that means the id value of this quiz is 111. So, the shortcode [cm_quiz id="general-knowledge"] should also display this quiz on posts and pages.

In summary, both shortcodes have the same effect.

Adding to the Page

So, by inserting these two shortcodes in a post:

[cm_quiz id="general-knowledge"]

[cm_quiz id="111"]

We get the same quiz two times, as shown:

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