Multi User Magento 2 - Creating Approval Levels

Creating Approval levels

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It is possible to create different approval levels for making orders. This is a common use case of the threshold amount for the Sub User Approvers feature. In this case picture:

  1. An Assistant Manager - Can make orders up to $400 without gaining approval
  2. A Manager - Can approve orders up to $600 without approval
  3. A General Manager - Can approve orders up to $1500 without approval
  4. A District Manager - Can approve orders up to $3000 without approval

We will not concern ourselves with how to set up the threshold amount before approval is required. To learn more about how this is set up see This Help Article.

By setting each tier of the Management hierarchy as an approver for the next sub-user down you create an approval chain that order above the Assistant Manager's approval amount must go through. When the Manager with the required approval clearance is reached the order can be created.

This works much like a chain of command. Allowing orders to pass up the chain as required.

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