Multi User Magento 2 - Setting Checkout Total Threshold Before Requiring Approval

Setting the Threshold amount for Sub accounts before Approval required

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The site Administrator or Parent account holder can set a minimum that Subaccount Users must add to the cart before they require approval from Parent account holders or from delegated sub-account users. If a sub-account user who requires approval has added below this amount, they will be able to create the order without requiring approval first.

Setting the Threshold for approval requirement (As Parent user)

From the Customer Panel, navigate to Manage Subaccounts. Identify the account for which you would like to allow orders to be placed within a threshold amount. Click on Edit for this user.

Within the Edit Subaccount page, that appears in the Additional Configuration section, enter the threshold for requiring approvals before placing orders in the Order Amount Without Approval field.

Double-check that Require Approval before Creating an Order is checked.

Click on Save to save the changes.

Setting the Threshold for approval requirement (As Administrator)

To set the threshold amount before approval is required as an administrator, from the admin panel navigate to Customers → All Customers. Identify the Subaccount user for which you would like to set a threshold. Click on their Parent account user's name.

Once inside the Parent account edit page click on Manage Subaccounts from the menu on the left. A table of the subaccounts associated with this parent account will appear. Click on the row of the chosen sub-account.

Within the Edit Subaccount page click on the Additional Configuration tab on the lefthand menu.

In the Order Amount Without Approval field set the threshold that you would like to set for the sub-account user below which they will be able to create orders freely.

Click on Save to save the changes.

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