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Modifying Order Notes

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Order notes are notes that can be manually added to Orders or in some cases appended by extensions for Magento. The True Edit Orders extension for example includes a feature that allows for an order note to be added automatically to the order whenever certain changes are made. Please note that only orders that do not have Complete status can have order notes modified.

To modify order notes navigate to the order list, Sales → Orders.

Identify the order you want to modify order notes for and click the Edit button in the rightmost column.

Within the detailed Order view in the Information tab on the left. Scroll down until you reach the Notes for this Order section.

Below the form for adding new comments is the list of orders that have been added previously. The True Edit Orders extension injects the additional Edit and Remove buttons here.

Click the Edit button to modify an order note.

You will be directed to the Order Note editor page. In the text box you will see the existing order note information, make the necessary changes then click Save Order Note.

You will then be redirected back to the detailed Order view and a success message will display above the order information.

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