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Tracking Views and Clicks

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Starting from version 1.4.6, it's possible to track business pages' views and clicks.

Appearance in the Front-End

Business List

In the front-end, they can show up next to the company logo in the dashboard. 

In this example, "page clicks" stands for how many times someone accessed the business page and "page visits" stands for how many times someone accessed that business' website. Note that you can modify the labels in the Labels settings.   Learn more.

Page Clicks vs Page Visits

Accessing the listing page increases the Page Clicks count...

And clicking on the website inside the listing increases the Page Visits count.

Back-End Settings

You can configure the statistics settings under Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory Pro → Settings.  Then, head to the end of the General tab.

The following settings are available:

  • Stop statistics count - Useful for testing purposes.
  • Statistics count used IP address - Enables IP checking to prevent duplicate hits coming from the same machine. (Feature added in version 1.5.0)
  • Show views and clicks in the detail page - Choose whether to show them or not.
  • Show views and clicks in the businesses page - Choose whether to show them or not.
  • Download file with all business' statistics - Generates a CSV file with all the statistics. First column shows the business name, second shows business page visits and the third business clicks.
  • Reset all statistics - Deletes all statistic for all business. Clicking the option will trigger a pop-up to confirm the action.

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