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Category List

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Creating/Updating Category

While creating (or updating) category put image ID into Taxonomy Featured Image field and save changes.

Want to allow customers to add their own businesses or claim businesses on your Business Directory?

The Business Directory Community add-on makes this easy.

Obtaining Image Id

Go to the  Media page and click on the image you want to assign to a category. Copy image ID from the navigation bar.
In the example below the image ID is 972.

Category List Shortcodes

  • Shortcode: [cmbd_category_list] - Display Category List
  • Shortcode Attributes
    • [cmbd_category_list count="1"]- Display counter of posts belonging to each category
    • [cmbd_category_list columns="4"] - Number of columns (1-6)
    • [cmbd_category_list category="1"] - Display only category terms
    • [cmbd_category_list customtax="1"] - Display only custom taxonomy terms
    • [cmbd_category_list tag="1"] - Display only tag terms
    • [cmbd_category_list hide_empty="1"] - Display only terms assigned to at least one Business

Below:  [cmbd_category_list count="1" columns="4"]

Category List Settings

On Category List Setting page select taxonomy/taxonomies you want to display. Later you can hide/show one of them individually for each shortcode using the attribute.

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