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Automatically Deleting Logs

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The site administrator in control of the Admin Logger extension can choose to automatically clear various logs on a schedule. To set this up navigate to Stores → Settings → Configuration → CMINDS ADMIN LOGGER → Configuration. Then look in Log Settings.

To enable or disable automatic deletion of log entries set the Auto Delete Logs option to 'Yes' or 'No' depending on your preference.

With the Auto Delete Logs option enabled next we need to define the frequency with which each log type should be deleted. Scroll down further in the Logs Settings.

The three kinds of Logs that can be configured for automatic deletion are:

  1. Actions Logs - Log entries of actions performed by administrators on the site's Admin Panel.
  2. Login Logs - Log entries of admins logins.
  3. Page View Logs - Log entries of Admin Panel page views of site administrators.

For each log entry type enter the number of days new log entries should remain in the system before being deleted.

Finally click Save Config to save the changes.

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