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Viewing History Log

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Available Logs

Admin Login Success Admin Login Failed Admin Password Change Request Admin Page View Configuration Update
Product Create / Update / Delete Category Create / Update / Delete Customer Create / Update / Delete
Content Page Create / Update / Delete
Content Block Create / Update / Delete 
Content Widget Create / Update / Delete  
Order Invoice Create Order Credit memo Create
Order Shipment Create
Order Billing Address Create
Order Shipping Address Update Order Status Update Order Comment Add

The site administrator can view all log entries in the History Log table, they are also able to see a more detailed view of individual log entries.

History Log table

Navigate to SECURITY → Admin Actions History.

The Table displays all the key information about the actions that were taken by the administrator. Even Admin Panel page views can be configured to be logged ( read this guide), by default only changes that are made on the site are logged such as changes to order information, customer information, settings changes etc.

Changing the display of the Log History

Should the administrator find that they don't need to see all of the columns that are displayed by default they can hide some of the information giving more space to the remaining columns in the table.

Click on the Columns drop down above the table and to the right then uncheck the boxes beside any columns that you would like to hide. Click off the dropdown menu to see the table again.

Actions History - Detailed View

To view a more detailed view of entries in the Log History identify the entry that you would like to view in more detail, then click on Select in the rightmost column and from the options choose 'View'.What was changed appears in the left column under the heading 'Name', the original value appears in the centre column under the heading 'Old Value' and the new value appears in the rightmost column under the heading 'New Value'.Not all Admin Panel actions will display results in the Details view. For example the 'Page View' log entries will display an empty table in the Details view.

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