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How the plugin works

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WordPress Ad Server is a WordPress ads plugin, designed to simplify the use and management of advertising campaigns on multiple WordPress websites. 

It’s especially useful for companies that have several advertisement platforms on WordPress and therefore requires a banner server that manages and rotates banners from numerous advertising campaigns.

How to Use Our WordPress Advertising Plugin

After creating your campaigns on the server website, a new shortcode will be generated for each campaign, determining which banners will be displayed, on which hours of the day/week and so on. 

Then, after installing the client-side plugin on the advertising website, you will be able to copy that same shortcode to display your campaign.

This process can be done on several client websites, depending on the number of licenses you are using.

Adding banners to the ad campaign - WordPress Ad Management Plugin
Adding banners to the ad campaign

Plugin Features

The WordPress Ad Server plugin comes in two editions: The Free edition and the Pro edition.

Using the Free edition, you will be able to enjoy some of the features, including creating your campaign and publishing it on one website; only without the ability to serve additional client websites. The free plugin does not support statistics and some of the campaign types are not supported as well.

Using the Pro edition, you will enjoy a fully-featured WordPress advertising plugin that will provide you all of your advertising needs, including the client-server plugin, responsive banners, campaign rotation, statistics, reports, video ads and much more.

More information about the WordPress Ad Server plugin

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