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Backing up your Glossary

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The WordPress Glossary plugin supports back up your glossary. This has several use cases:

  • Storing your backup as a file in case of Database failure.
  • Easily sharing your glossary with others.
  • Multiplying the Glossary to sites on different domains (using the import).

Glossary Backup Setting Options

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab.

General settings - WordPress as a Wiki
General settings

Then head to the Backup section. Here you can either create your backup manually on the “Import/Export” page, or use the options for wp-cron to generate your backup automatically.

  • PIN Protect - You can setup a PIN number to protect the access to the copy of your Glossary Index.
  • Secure Backup - By default, the feature uses the WP Filesystem API to handle the saving of the backup copy. While this method is highly recommended for security reasons, it requires the FTP credentials in order for it to work. If you cannot or don’t want to use your FTP credentials, you can switch off this option and your files will still be saved.
  • Backup rebuild interval - Choose how often the backup of the glossary is saved. Choose Never to disable automatic saves.
  • Backup rebuild hour - Choose the hour when the Glossary Index Backup save should take place.
Backup settings - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
Backup settings

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