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Glossary Plugin Built In Widgets

Our WordPress Glossary Widgets add extra value to your glossary users by enabling them to interact with terms directly. The Pro edition of CM tooltip can be set to display the following widgets:

Glossary Random Terms

The “Glossary Random Terms” Widget allows you to display random Terms from your glossary in one of your site’s theme widget areas, such as the sidebar, footer or header.

Sometimes a site needs input from the community it serves.

With the Glossary Community Terms add-on users can help to build your glossary as you watch your key content grow.

Glossary Latest Terms

The “Glossary Latest Terms” Widget allows you to display the latest terms added to your glossary in one of your site’s theme widgets areas, such as the sidebar, footer or header.

You can choose to show the content or anexcerpt limited to x characters.

Word of the Day/Week

The Word of the Day/Week Widget allows you to highlight one word that can be randomly selected every day or week.

It displays the term, the first 20 words of its description and links to the full description and to the glossary.

Setting Up in the back-end 


You can either:

  • Choose a term manually from the list.
  • Click the Randomized Term button to choose a random term.

Choose how often the term will change:

  • Never
  • Daily at 0h
  • Weekly at 0h
    • If this option is chosen, you can select the weekday from the dropdown menu below

Front-End Appearance

Glossary Search

The Glossary Search Widget allows you to display a search form which works the same as the Search Box on the Glossary Index Page, on any of your theme’s widget areas.

Related Articles and Terms widgets

These two widgets display related articles and related terms for the term or page that visitor is currently viewing. 

Here is an example of what the widget looks like on the front:

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