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Roles Allowed To Edit Terms

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CM Tooltip Glossary allows the administrator to select which users role will be able to write/edit the glossary terms. 

Simple Method

To configure it, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings.

Head to the General Settings tab. Choose needed roles in the option Roles allowed to add/edit terms.

Learn more about roles: General Support - WordPress User Roles.

Advanced Method

If after adding a user role to the list of allowed for adding/editing terms you still think that the user doesn't have enough rights, you can manually edit user role capabilities.

You will need install and activate a third-party plugin for this, for example - User Role Editor. This plugin allows you to create new user roles, duplicate the existing ones and edit their capabilities.

When the plugin is activated, navigate to Admin Dashboard → Users → User Role Editor.

To create a new user role, click the button Add Role.

In the pop-up window fill the fields Role name (ID) and Display Role Name. Optionally, you can copy the list if granted capabilities from another user role using the dropdown Make copy of. To create a role, click the button Add Role.

To edit a user role, choose it in the dropdown list Select Role and change its capabilities above the table:

First, in the column Group find the section CM Tooltip Glossary and click on it. In the right column you need to check the boxes with capabilities that you want to give to a user role. So, to give a user the full ability to manage the glossary terms, we recommend checking them all.

Second, find and click on the section Custom capabilities, then check the option Manage glossary.

Now go the top of the page and click the button Update to save the changes.

Don't forget to go to the plugin settings and add this user role to the list of allowed for adding/editing terms:

As a result, the user is able to create, edit and delete the glossary terms without full admin abilities.

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