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Term Excerpt 

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With the WordPress Glossary plugin, you can easily create WordPress tooltip excerpts, allowing your tooltip to only display a quick teaser rather than the complete term definition.  

If you want the Tooltip to show only the “Excerpt” of the post instead of the Content within the term page, you need to first set up an “Excerpt” for the term.

Term Excerpts Example

Term excerpts example - Wiki WordPress Plugin
Term excerpts example
WordPress tooltip Excerpts must be created using the “Excerpt” field on the post’s content editor. Currently we don’t yet support the automatically created excerpts.
Adding term excerpt - WordPress as a Wiki
Adding term excerpt

Next, you need to check the Use term excerpt for hover box, in the plugin’s settings under Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Tooltip tab → Tooltip - Content section.

Using term excerpt in tooltips - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
Using term excerpt in tooltips

Alternatively, if you want the tooltip to display the first paragraph of your term page unmodified, you can limit the number of characters that appear in the tooltip by entering their amount in the “limit tooltip length” field, which is under the tooltip tab in the plugin settings.

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