Appointments Booking - Settings - Labels (Changing The Front-End Text)

Controlling Labels

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Translating Each Calendar

It's possible to customize labels of each calendar via shortcode. Read more: Appointments Booking - Shortcodes.

The plugin settings enable changing any label used on the frontend. This include also messages and labels which appears on the calendar.

To change the labels visit the plugin admin menu and choose Options.

On the options chose the Labels tab.

And edit the labels you want to change.

This includes:

Calendar slots statuses

Calendar months and other navigation terminology

Both in short and complete versions

Booking form labels

Booking form messages

Multiple Booking Helpers Messages

Paid - Unpaid Slot Markers

Note: these labels work when the add-on CM Appointments Booking Payments Pro version 2.0.0 is activated.

Discussion form labels

Discussion form messages

Related error messages

Credit Time bookings user report labels

Zoom Integration

Used when the email notification has the Zoom placeholder, but the calendar doesn't use the integration. Learn more: Appointments Booking - Integration - Scheduling Zoom Meetings

Labels for the metabox "Booking info"

More information about the Appointments Booking Plugin

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