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Adding a Featured Image

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The CM Glossary plugin’s eCommerce edition supports adding a featured image to your WordPress glossary terms.

How to add a featured image to the term page:

Adding the image into the term page is easy, and is done from the featured image metabox. It appears on every term post at the bottom right side of the screen (location may defer if you’re using the WordPress interface with a non-English language). 

Featured images can easily be added to your WordPress glossary with the CM tooltip plugin

The size of the featured image can be modified to fit the tooltip or as desired. 

While hovering over the term in a post or page, the featured image will be shown inside the tooltip. You can also choose the size of the features image which shows inside the tooltip using the settings.

It is also possible to set the tooltip to be transparent so only the image will be displayed, without the tooltip background.

Plugin Settings:

Under the tab Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Tooltip, Featured images can have their location and size changed. 

  • Show featured image in tooltip?  - Has the option to show the image Above content, Below Content, Left aligned or not at all.
  • Image width - Change the size of the image inside the tooltip (examples: 100%, 50px, 1.2em, auto etc...).

On each term page you can find the following metabox which includes the controls for the featured image.

  • Disable tooltip background for this term - This will support the option to show only an image without the tooltip background.
  • Don't show the featured image in the tooltip - The featured image will not include the tooltip.

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