RMA - Overview


The  Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for Magento® allows admin to manage return requests of products.

The extension helps in processing of returning a product in order to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the product's warranty period.

Customers can open a return request and if approved, the product can be returned and the refund is managed by admin.


  • Easily create an RMA request – Using an RMA form, customers can select their order and products, customers then choose the request type, package condition, they can attach a file, add a reason for the return, and finally be required to agree with RMA policy.
  • Non logged Users RMA Request Form – The store admin can decide whether or not to allow guests to create RMA requests, the only data needed from a guest is the order ID and email address.
  • Partial return per order – If the order contains several items, the customer can select the item or items they wish to return.
  • Create RMA request from the store backend – Store admins can easily create an RMA request on behalf of a customer from the admin dashboard.

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